PreSchool/pre-k program

Innovate Academy Pre-Primary Programs main goal is to provide your child with a strong foundation. This develops confident little learners. We do this through a structured, fast paced, play environment. If you asked your child if they wanted to come and learn with you their reaction would not be the same if you asked them to come play with you.

The students are provided the information and academics in a way they don’t even realize they are learning. The environment is fun and inviting and structured in a way that supports individualized learning for each student. Students are encouraged to be self reliant and have personal responsibility. This foundation ensures that they will be successful in their future years of academic growth.

Once this foundation is established it is very common for students 3 turning 4 to have a strong foundation in recognizing letter names and sounds, understanding the concept of beginning sounds of words, blending vowels and consonants, number and shape recognition.

In addition, the students who are 4 turning 5 will have a strong foundation in beginning reading, middle and ending sounds in words, addition and subtraction. Our goal in this program is Kindergarten readiness.

Ms. Jodie Bill
Preschool + PreK Director

Empowering Young Minds to Innovate and Lead. Shaping a Brighter Future with Purpose and Passion.


Your student is turning 3 by August 31st of their current school year.

Half day (M-Th/ Morning or Afternoon Available)    

Full day (M-Th) 8:15am – 3:45pm


Your student is 4 by August 31st of their current school year.

Half Day (M-Th/ Morning or Afternoon Available)

Full Day (M-Th) 8:15am – 3:45pm

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