Enrollment Process


Register online and schedule a tour.

Send transcripts or letters of recommendation.

Have a Day in the Life of an Innovator visit. 

Meeting with Headmaster and final decision. 

Register Online

You can do this before or after your tour. There is no commitment and no funds due at this time. Registering is especially beneficial for classes with a waitlist. 

Shadow Day


Your student will be a part of every day life at Innovate. They will be a part of normal drop off, activities, and specials .


On shadow days, students are assessed in literacy and math to ensure that we are able to meet their individual needs.

Social Interactions

Shadow students are paired up with a buddy and become a part of the community for the day. Our small class sizes ensure that your student feels loved and welcome. 

Is it a fit?

We usually find that students are a fit, but sometimes, it’s not. This could be due to timing, the chemistry in the classroom, etc.

Shadow Day