High School Business Leadership Program

Twenty of the best and brightest students in the Treasure Valley are selected to participate in an elite high school program like no other. Leadership is the ability to guide, motivate, and influence individuals or groups towards achieving common goals. Effective leadership involves a combination of skills, qualities, and behaviors that inspire trust, promote collaboration, and drive positive change. These are the qualifications necessary  to become a part of our specialized accredited high school program. 

Empowering Young Minds to Innovate and Lead. Shaping a Brighter Future with Purpose and Passion.

High School Program

9th-12th Grades

Specialized program – Only 20 students will be accepted

One cohort class that has one group project + Field experience each month

One dedicated High School Lead Teacher

Full day in person classes utilizing Arizona State University online curriculum

Dynamic elective opportunities through Innovate Academy taught by specialized instructors

              Must have 100 hours of community service per year

Must participate in internships

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