Mission And Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Innovate Academy & Preparatory School focuses on providing an education that fosters family-centered values, patriotism, and personal responsibility, with an emphasis on finance and business to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. Their vision aligns with teaching principles of freedom and liberty, aiming to develop well-rounded individuals who embody the spirit of America’s founding fathers, through a traditional curriculum and hands-on learning approach.

Vision Statement

The vision of Innovate Academy & Preparatory School is to cultivate leaders who are well-versed in principles of freedom and liberty, mirroring the ideals of America’s founding fathers. Through a focus on finance, business, and an entrepreneurial spirit, the academy aims to prepare students not only for academic success but also to be principled contributors to society. This vision is brought to life through a traditional, project-based curriculum and a commitment to fostering a strong, community-oriented culture.