Philosophy Statement

Philosophy Statement

At Innovate Academy we believe that each staff member, student and family enjoy freedoms of beliefs based on their religion, political views and sexuality and do not discriminate based on these views. Therefore, our comprehensive policy is as follows: 

Philosophy: At Innovate Academy, we strongly uphold and support traditional Idaho values within our educational framework. We will encourage and foster an environment of high ethics that include honesty, hard work, kindness, virtue, personal responsibility and integrity. We prioritize teaching students about the importance of making morally sound decisions and fostering a sense of personal and social accountability. We are dedicated to providing an environment that nurtures and respects these values. To ensure the promotion of traditional values, we have implemented the following measures: 

  • Politics in the Classroom: It is our policy that the curriculum and philosophy at Innovate Academy & Preparatory Schools do not involve the teaching or lecturing of any divisive political agendas. We prioritize upholding the principles outlined in the constitution and the freedoms it guarantees. Our aim is to provide an education that promotes critical thinking, open dialogue, and respect for diverse viewpoints, rather than endorsing specific political ideologies. 
  • Objective Analysis: When exploring political issues, our curriculum emphasizes objective analysis and evidence-based reasoning. Students are encouraged to examine multiple sources of information, critically evaluate arguments, and consider the implications and consequences of different policies and perspectives. 
  • Sexual Education: Innovate Academy acknowledges that discussions about sexual education are personal and highly sensitive matters, best addressed by families. As such, we maintain the belief that the responsibility for sexual education lies with the family and not with an educational academic institution. Therefore, we do not engage in any form of sexual education curriculum or instruction. We respect the prerogative of families to address these topics within their preferred narrative and values. 
  • Respect for Gender Roles: We recognize and respect traditional gender roles within the context of our curriculum. We encourage discussions that highlight the unique strengths and contributions of both men and women, instilling an appreciation for the complementary nature of traditional gender roles. Our curriculum places a significant emphasis on family values and moral teachings. We believe in the importance of teaching students about the significance of strong family structures and respect for authority. 
  • Religion: In teaching religion, our approach focuses on historical context rather than endorsing any specific belief construct. We aim to provide students with an understanding of various religious traditions, their significance, and their impact on societies throughout history. Our goal is to foster an appreciation for different ethical and moral perspectives, promoting understanding and respect among students of diverse backgrounds. 


Disciplinary Measures: Any actions taken by individuals associated with Innovate Academy that align within the divisive rhetoric of political, religious & sexuality realms , such as engaging in discussions, lectures, distributing curriculum/ materials or promoting content on social media, in writing, or through videos, that do not adhere to  our policy, may/can/ will result in disciplinary measures, including but not limited to removal. We strive to ensure that the institution maintains a neutral and inclusive stance, aligned with the personal belief systems of our staff, students, and families. 

At Innovate Academy, we are committed to creating an educational environment that respects the rights and values of all individuals while providing a comprehensive education that encourages critical thinking, respect for diverse viewpoints, and personal growth.